Web Agency WordPress Theme

Web Agency WordPress Theme

Responsive // HTML // CSS // jQuery // Bootstrap

This is a responsive website template it has been created with a web design business in mind, in which it showcases the services offered along with a portfolio gallery.

Built upon the bootstrap framework to offer a responsive design, along with making use of jQuery, smoothbox, parallax.js and viewpointcheck.js to make the design more animated, with scrolling carousel images, animated elements scrolling and fading into view.

Packages Page

The packages page is broken down into sections to allow for the different package types to be shown, within these sections there are feature and price breakdowns presented in a clear and efficient manner in which one of the packages is raised which gives it more or a impact.

Project Showcase Page

The showcase page has been designed to highlight a few of the main clients, along with a summary of the services offered, with links to both the clients website and a link for more detailed information.

There is also a basic gallery to show off some of the other clients in which if the user hovers over the image a short description shows the services offered.