TIC Webshop v2

tic webshops v2

TIC Webshops v2

Ecommerce Platform / PHP / MySQL / CSS / XHTML
Following on from our successful launch of TIC Webshops in 2007, whilst also supporting the original platform I developed its predecessor in 2009.

From the feedback from our clients, along with a shift in the technology I designed and coded the Webshop v2 ecommerce platform, which improved on the original platform in both technical and user ability aspects, whilst allowing our design team to build bespoke ecommerce sites to the clients expectations/needs.

This platform was created using PHP with a MySql database, there were modules which could be activated/deactivated depending on the clients needs, as our client ranged from varied professions such as toy shops, pet suppliers to butchers. This platform was designed to be able to adopt to each clients needs.

Platform Features

Ecommerce Platform / PHP / MySQL / CSS / XHTML

Easy to use

No IT or web design skills required, from adding products, changing image to processing orders, it couldn't be simpler

New features

Our platform was constantly updated with new features, tweaks and optimisation based on customer feedback, during the life cycle.

Product attributes

Assigned attribute to your products such as SKU, size and colour

Multiple product images

Upload multiple images to your products, automatically resized.

Search engine friendly

Automated SEO generation ensures your website have the best chance of being found in the search engines, advanced SEO features for advanced users available.

Payment gateways

Supports PayPal and Sagepay for secure payment processing

Product stock

Product stock control system keeps track of the products you've sold and alerts you when you're running low via email.

Admin Gallery

A selection of various parts of the TIC Webshop v2 admin control panel

Website Designs

A small selection of some of the webshops that were built on the TIC Webshop v2 platform.

Platform Stats

These stats were taken from between 2009 – 2015



Product images


Newsletters sent:


Baskets created


Customer accounts


Number of clients (websites)


Number of shop categories


Number of brands


My Role

I created this platform whilst working for Tourist Information Centres Ltd, this platform succeeded the original TIC Webshops platform in 2009.

Part of my job working for Tourist Information Centres Ltd was to create, support and maintain this platform, in which this was in use from the 2009 till 2015.

Researched and planned the feature set for the platform, based on the competition along with feedback from the sales reps about what features our customer base would expect and want.

The planning and creation of the centralised MySql database, the tables and the required fields; making use of database normalization and ensuring the optimization and efficiently of storing the required data including the relationships between the tables and the creation of primary and foreign keys.

Planning both the administration area for where the users will manage their webshops along with planning the front end which the end users will use to browse the webshop ensuring both have a clear friendly interface. This involved researching other ecommerce websites and administration control panels, highlighting what were implemented well and what could be improved.

The creation of wire-frame walkthroughs to test the user interface were clear and could be understand by novice users and that there were a clear pathway for each stage.

The creation of the MySql database and tables, creating multiple MySql users for different tasks by setting the appropriate permissions. The creation of multiple MySql scripts making use of JOINs and subqueries.

Created and coded the admin area in PHP, which included writing functions for security, logging in authentication making use of SHA1 authentication, sessions and cookies and the creation of multiple functions including creating functions to send validate and send email, upload and resize images, export data into XML/CSV files for use within third party programs.

The creation of the front-end skeleton, which provided the necessary function’s for the ecommerce website to function, which were used by our designers when building websites for our clients. This included creating modules which could be used for various required functions and placed any anywhere the client/designer required.

I was responsible for the testing of both the front and back end of the platform, in which included testing whilst in the creation stage along with set tests ensuring the system worked as planned, various staff members with different skill ranges also performing real world tasks and reporting any errors or glitches.

Making use of third party testing/simulator tools (PayPal & SagePay) to ensure the checkout and logging processes function correctly.

The creation of the various user manual’s detailing step by step guides to perform set tasks, the training of staff member’s who offered support via phone/email, including the training officer who physically visited the clients to train them on the use of the platform.

Ensuring the on-going support of the platform, keeping third party compatibility intact including PayPal IPN, Google Base, Sage Pay (formerly Protx). Adding new features to the platform from user feedback to new technological advances.