Astroturf WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme

Astroturf WordPress Theme

Bespoke WordPress Responsive Template
Created on the bones theme foundation, which is an HTML5 mobile-first development theme.

Mobile Friendly WordPress Template
Template elements respond to the device resolution, along with having its own mobile navigation menu to better cater for the available screen estate.

Customisable WordPress Template

Customise certain elements via the WordPress customizer section.
Features include:-

  • Selectable font list for body and header fonts – using fonts available from Google Fonts which are fetched via the Google Font API (weekly) or local text file listing available fonts/url
  • Theme Colours – Customisable background colour, general hyper-link colours(normal/hover), menu background colour, menu hyper-link colour and footer background and font colour.
  • Social Media – Input your social media URL for facebook, twitter and/or Linkedin and the corresponding social media icon/hyper-link will be shown on template.


Screenshots of various parts of the responsive theme

  • Customizer Google Font selector

    Customizer Google Font selector

  • Customizer social media input

    Customizer social media input

  • Customizer theme config

  • WordPress Customizer Section

    WordPress Customizer Section