Web Services

Based in the Blackpool area, I have been working in the webdesign and development industry for over 12 years.

Over these years I have gained a vast knowledge of all aspects of website design & development, search engine optimisation and expanded into digital marketing.

Below are some of the services that I specialise in.

Responsive Website Design

All my website designs are bespokely designed making use of the latest responsive technologies to ensure that your visitors can view your website at its best, whether on computer, mobile or tablet.

I also take into account the best practices for accessibility and correct markup.

Whether creating a website design in Opencart, Magento or WordPress I always create a bespoke design, not an off the shelf template unless the client requests one, in which I have vast experience in customising and in most cases creating a child theme of the template to ensure future updates can be applied without affecting the look.

Website Development

I have a wide range of website development experience which has been built up over the years.

During this time my experience has ranged from creating bespoke ecommerce websites, interacting with various third party API’s to creating bespoke e-commerce platforms that have ran hundreds of websites.

I consider myself a LAMP stack developer but I do have basic .net knowledge and experience.

Over the years I have developed using CodeIgnitor, PHP OOP, PHP MVC along with developing within Magento 1, Magento 2, Opencart and WordPress.

Search Engine Optimisation : SEO

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of a website / web page in the search engine’s unpaid results, this is often referred to as organic search.

Throughout the years I have gained vast knowledge which has helped me implement various SEO services, from ensuring correct HTML markup, optimising tags/content, internal linking and building off page elements to help websites being found.

Good SEO practices covers a wide range of aspects including keeping up to date on how search engines function, such as algorithm changes, best seo practices, current search trends to examining the target audience and the key words/phrases that are popular to the type of search engine they use.

Once this initial research is done then a plan is put into place to optimize the website / web page to take into account the findings. This normally involves optimising the website content for the specific keyword terms along with utilising the correct html markup.

The two main sides of SEO are on-site and off-site SEO practices, before any off-site work is done the on-site should be completed first as this will make the off-site work easier.


I have created a wide range of online shops, ranging from simple e-commerce websites to fully bespoke e-commerce platforms that have powered hundreds of e-commerce websites, processing thousands of transactions.

I can create fully bespoke e-commerce solutions or use an existing e-commerce platform such as OpenCart, WooCommerce or Magento.

Magento Web Development

I have vast experience in creating mobile first responsive themes for both Magento v1 and Magento v2 platforms.

Along with troubleshooting, configuring, maintaining, optimising and managing websites built on Magento (v1 and v2)

WordPress Design & Development

I have vast experience in creating bespoke WordPress themes to cater for different business needs. Taking great care to design each page making full use of my WordPress knowledge that I have built up over the years.

The end result will be a professional bespoke WordPress website that is tailored to your needs — something not many people can do!