About Chris Crewdson

Blackpool based web designer & web developer

An ambitious individual with a strong technical background, I have worked within the website design/development industry for around 10 years. As someone who takes responsibility for his own personal development, I’m continually evaluating and upgrading my skills. I consider myself an effective problem solver, who has proven himself by successfully designing and developing multiple e-commerce platforms and building and maintaining over 500 websites over the years.

I have a keen interest in computer software/hardware and keep up to date with the latest software and hardware advances, I am able to repair, install and troubleshoot numerous computer software and hardware issues.

As well as covering numerous areas within the modules of my BTEC National Certificate, BTEC National Diploma and Ordinary Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology I have kept my skills and interests up to date and made use on both during my previous job at Tourist Information Centres Ltd in which I analysed, debugged and repaired computer elements such as desktop computers, laptops and peripherals of the IT network, I also helped manage and configured Microsoft Windows Server and have experience in Microsoft Exchange.