SEO Link Building Help

Think of links from other websites to your own as a popularity vote, the more pages that link to your website show to the search engines that your content is trusted and relevant

But beware there is more to link building than the number, due to years of companies selling back links and spamming backlinks; the search engines have take various factors into consideration when looking at backlinks.

Whilst getting backlinks it is important you should make sure that the website that is linking to you is a trusted website and the backlink they add is relevant to the content of the linked page.

Example,If this blog post was to get a backlink, then an relevant third party website within the web design/development field would be a relevant backlink as the subject matter is related within this industry as this is a support post for link building in which a support website / forum might find useful.

When search engines are scanning the third party website they will come across the backlink to this website, the search engine algorithm will take various factors into account when scanning the page and built up a profile of the relevant topic of the page, then it will follow the back link to this blog post and scan this page, if the algorithm sees that there is a relevant link between the two websites it might increase the ranking of various key phases that it found.

When link building you should try and make sure there is relevant content near the back link itself, this might mean to create unique relevant articles which contain a link back to your website.

When creating this backlink it is also important to make sure the wording of the backlink is relevant as well for example if someone was to link to this article consider the following backlinks:-

Backlink oneVisit Website

Backlink twoVisit blog post

Backlink threeSEO link building help

The first two backlinks don’t contain any keywords on the subject itself, the third summarises the content of the back link, this could be within the actual text of the article itself or as a button at the end of the article.

Automated backlink programs

One of the most popular services in recent times is buying backlinks thinking that it will help your website’s ranking, in the past this method might give a temporary spike in the rankings but then when the search engines analyze the backlinks and start blocking / penalising the links it’s normally too late to do anything about it. The company who provided the service either doesn’t care as they have your money or have gone silent.

This can lead to your website being penalised and even removed from search results, the search engines are constantly fighting against this method, we have dealt with many companies who have taken this service and got a initial good reaction and then a month later either vanished or been heavily penalised.

I have helped many companies to fix these issues there is not normally a quick fix, the first instance is to try and remove these back links, which could be difficult as a lot of these backlinks are on dodgy, foreign and automated listing websites, some even appear on hidden pages on hacked websites, in which there is no easy way to contact them to get them removed, usually we collect a list of the bad backlinks and submit disavow requests to notify the search engines that this link should be ignored.

We then start our SEO process off to help improve the client’s website which can take more time to see results due to the damage that had been done.

Ways to get backlinks?

  • Article writing – create unique content for a specific subject for various websites / blogs and include a link back to your website.
  • Social media – create short content for specific subjects and post on social media, if this content is useful / interesting people will share this and help increase your online presence.
  • Useful content – is your website contains unique well written content chances are that the search engines will rank your website / pages well for the topic, in which case people can come across it via searches then even post links back to your website via social media or forums.