Single Page Responsive Website

HTML5 / CSS / Responsive / jQuery

This was for a client with an old existing website who wanted a new site building, with the content of the existing site but with the look being bought up-to date.

The look of the existing website didn’t really following any branding or relate to the subject of the services offered.

New Design

For the new design, I took the service of the business ‘astroturf’ and upon the current business having no branding profile, we decided to use a colour scheme of white and greens.

Why single page?

Why single page? I believe depending on the content of the website and the amount of content, a clean, clear and good looking single page website works better than a website with multiple pages but little content.

Single page websites are suitable for single products or services, in which the whole page is used to reinforce the product or service, since its a single page and requires some scrolling down the page we can make this more interesting and appealing by using JavaScript (jQuery) to make the elements scroll or fade in, we can also make use of in-page hyper-links to let the viewer jump to the content area they want more information in.